Maker Fest

Hampton’s 4th Graders Represent at 2019 Maker Fest!
Posted on 05/14/2019
Maker Fest team This year our science group was chosen to participate in the Maker Fest at Dundalk/Soller’s Point high school on Saturday, May 4th. There were a ton of kids from a lot of different schools. The director said that there were over 92 schools participating this year. During the Maker Fest we were given the challenge of creating a glider that incorporated a letter from the alphabet that was randomly chosen. Our letter was “J”. The challenge was inspired by Star Wars because a lot of Star Wars’ ships had an incorporated letter. Everything had to do with Star Wars because of the date, May the Fourth be With You. They went all out with Star Wars. If you flew your glider past the Death Star (milestone for the gliders and a space-station in Star Wars) you were given a prize. We even got Star Wars themed shirts. We had very limited time and materials while we were building. During the hour we used to make our glider we went through a few ideas, had a couple incidents where things didn’t go our way, but in the end, we came out with a finished, almost entirely intact product. Our final idea was similar to the Wright Brothers' plane.
There were also STEM-based stations at the High School and after we made our glider we could walk around and explore them.  There were tons of stations and one thing that was really cool was when we got to make buttons.  We could cut out little pictures from comics and put them into a small frame and watch them make our buttons.  Another station we really enjoyed was when we got to make a parachute.  We used pieces of plastic bags, paper clips, tape and string to make a parachute which we released up a tube of blowing air to see how high they would fly.  We also got to vote for astronomical art that kids from different schools had drawn.  There were also things we could watch and touch like a 3-D printer.  We felt a bunch of things that it printed.  Also, a laser that was carving wood.
We all really enjoyed this experience and wish next year’s Hampton participants lots of luck!  

Molly, Zaria, Penny
May 15, 2019